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Let Us Live

Supporting the Black Lives matter Movement

As a black woman and mother of a teenage son, I am in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. To see countless cases where unarmed African American people over the US have been shot and killed has both saddend and scared me. It saddens me because so much racism has become tolerated, accepted and forgiven by authorities and courts that so many times I find myself becoming numb to it. I look back at cases from the 90’s where men such as Amadou Diallo (who was shot at 41 times by 4 officers) and current cases like that of George Floyd and so many in between. Abuse of power by not only officers, but white citizens who carry guns has caused several lives to be unnecessarily lost. It scares me because I have a strong fear everytime my son leaves hoping that no one with a gun finds a reason to “feel they are in danger” just from his presence because history has shown they have free reign to shoot and kill. In an effort to bering awareness to not only the police brutality, but to the sustemic racism, white privilige, and history of the fight for rights of African Americans, I have created a website, “Let Us Live,” to show support of the BLM movement. It features a PSA showing myself, a few students and adults with stories and point of views. For supporters, there is a tab to submit your name and email as a commitment to join the fight and speak up against racism.

Below are pics of lives lost due to racism and pictures of myself and others in a recent peaceful protest.

Published by Cue

I am a mother, a daughter, a sister and a friend. I have experienced many issues in life and I would love to GET constructive inputs as well as GIVE them.

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